Republicans Love Deficits

• Clinton ran the largest surplus in American history. When Bush took over, republicans ran the largest explosion of debt in American history.

• Republicans never complained as Bush wasted money on failed policies, raised the debt ceiling seven times, and crashed the economy.

• Republicans don’t care about fiscal responsibility or reducing the deficit. They think huge deficits are a good thing because they want to “starve the beast.”

• Starving the beast is the conservative effort to dismantle the legacy of FDR and the New Deal. Republicans create a huge deficit, then pretend to care about fiscal responsibility by arguing that we need to cut social programs.

• Starving the beast also involves trying to make the middle and lower classes resent government, so they don’t see the government as their ally. Which is why republicans raise taxes on working Americans while cutting them on the rich.

Republican Hypocrisy on the Deficit and Healthcare