Tax Cuts For The Rich Have No Effect On Growth Or Jobs

Tax Cuts for the Rich Have no Effect on Growth or Jobs

The results of the analysis suggest that changes over the past 65 years in the top marginal tax rate and the top capital gains tax rate do not appear correlated with economic growth. The reduction in the top tax rates appears to be uncorrelated with saving, investment, and productivity growth.…

Tax Cuts For The Rich Have No Effect On The Economy

Tax Cuts for the Rich Have no Effect on the Economy

The empirical relationship between tax cuts for the top 10% percent and job creation is negligible in magnitude, statistically insignificant, and much weaker than that of equivalently sized tax cuts for the bottom 90%. Tax Cuts for Whom? Heterogeneous Effects of Income Tax Changes on Growth & Employment

The Economy Is Always Better Under Democratic Administrations

The Economy is Always Better Under Democratic Administrations

• George Bush was a historic failure with the worst economic track record in modern history. • His 2001 tax cuts for the 'Job Creators' that were passed amid big promises led to the worst job creation record since record keeping began. But it did deliver a staggering windfall to…

Obama Cut Taxes More Than Reagan Or Bush

Obama Cut Taxes More Than Reagan or Bush

• Obama reduced taxes more than any president since Eisenhower. • The US has the lowest revenues and spending as a percentage of GDP of seven industrialized countries surveyed (US, Japan, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, France.) • 2% of Tea Party members know that Obama has lowered their taxes and…

Taxes Avoided By The Rich Could Pay Off Deficit

Taxes Avoided by the Rich Could Pay Off Deficit

• Conservative deficit scolds always argue that the US has a spending problem, not a revenue problem; all while providing cover for the rich tax cheats who avoid paying their fair share. • Withheld revenue, in the form of tax avoidance by the rich, is the true problem and collecting it…

Reagan Raised Taxes

Reagan Raised Taxes

• Republican revisionists falsely claim that Reagan was successful because he cut taxes and reduced the size of government. • Reagan raised taxes 11 times, including the largest tax hike since WW2 and the largest corporate tax increase in history. • Reagan increased the size of government by 61,000 workers,…

Teddy Roosevelt, Republican ‘Socialist’

Teddy Roosevelt, Republican ‘Socialist’

• The modern republican party loves to call progressive taxation socialist, but it was originally championed by republican Theodore Roosevelt. • Roosevelt felt that transferring enormous fortunes through inheritance was a 'socialist' idea because it would put idleness on an equal level with industry. • He also believed that progressive…

Conservatives Ignore Corporate Welfare

Conservatives Ignore Corporate Welfare

• The right wing loves to characterize middle-class tax cuts as 'welfare' while complaining that corporations pay the highest income tax in the world. • They're wrong on both counts when you look at the effective tax rate; what is actually paid after ALL taxes are added up and all…

Reagan’s Horrific Legacy

Reagan’s Horrific Legacy

• The Reagan 'Revolution' has come home to roost and we live with its consequences in our current economic nightmare. • Supply-side republicans weren't a majority in the early 80s, but they got a boost when Reagan realized he could balloon the deficit and sell the debt to China. The…

Clinton’s Success Revealed The Utter Failure Of Supply Siders

Clinton’s Success Revealed the Utter Failure of Supply Siders

• Clinton believed the demand side was just as important. He raised taxes on top earners while Reagan and Bush cut them. • Under Clinton, every single income group did better and the growth was more even. Under Reagan and Bush, growth was much more uneven, mainly benefiting the rich.…

The Republicans’ Perfect Record Of Being Wrong

The Republicans’ Perfect Record of Being Wrong

• In 1982, Reagan proposed the largest peacetime tax increase in American history. In 1993, Clinton proposed another major tax increase. • Both times republicans predicted disaster. Both times they were completely wrong and the exact opposite happened. • The same republicans who complain about democrat spending voted for every…

Republicans Love Deficits

Republicans Love Deficits

• Clinton ran the largest surplus in American history. When Bush took over, republicans ran the largest explosion of debt in American history. • Republicans never complained as Bush wasted money on failed policies, raised the debt ceiling seven times, and crashed the economy. • Republicans don't care about fiscal…

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