Our Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians

• American Founding Fathers were men of the Enlightenment; Deists and freethinkers who believed in reason, not faith.

• The idea that America is a christian country founded by christians for christians is an outright lie spread by christian revisionists.

• The reason the Declaration of Independence was revolutionary is because up until then, most countries’ rulers were kings anointed by God; whereas the government of the US rules by consent of the governed.

• The terms ‘Jesus Christ’, ‘Christianity’, ‘Bible’, ‘Creator’, ‘Divine’, and ‘God’ never appear in the Constitution. Mentions of ‘Nature’s God’ and ‘Divine Providence’ in the Declaration are the language of Deism, NOT Christianity.

• Half a century after the country’s founding, US clergy lamented that up to that date, none of their presidents had been christians.

Our Founding Fathers Were NOT Christians